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Company Store Video Training (Beta!)

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Welcome to the online training section of the Company Store help website. This area is designed to assist you setup and manage your company stores in a step by step format. Note that some of the features mentioned might not be relevant if you have a Basic Store or Classic Package.

Company Store Manager
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The first video you'll want to watch is the Company Store Overview - this video goes over virtually every part of the system in a general format for first time users. It is a necessary step in understanding the Company Store Manager and administering your first store.
Store Edit Tab and Features
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Next, we want you to understand the store's Edit tab (where most of your features and store information is managed). If there is a feature you don't plan on using you don't need to watch the video, or you can watch it at a later date.
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You'll want to get a good idea of categories - which are basically product sections. Here you will learn how to add a category and edit existing categories.
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After setting up categories we recommend setting up products. These videos are designed to assist you in setting up products and editing products.
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If you have multiple logo options for products you can learn how to set them up here.
Users and Groups
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Get an idea of how to setup new users, user groups, manage existing users and more..Note that some of the features mentioned here, such as advanced payment options for groups and users and MOAS, are not applicable in a Basic Store or Classic Package.
Payment Methods and Tax
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If you want to be able to process orders you'll need a payment method. Learn how to setup payment methods here, including Credit Cards, PO numbers, and more. We also show you how to collect tax for your store, if required.
Content Pages
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Content pages allow you to setup additional, custom, pages for your store, such as a Contact Us page or a Sizing Chart. You can also edit existing content areas such as the Header and Footer, or Homepage. Learn how to setup content pages here.
Additional Documents
Listed here are additional documents and information you may find useful depending on your store setup.
  • Shipping Categories Explanation (Webpage) - An overview of shipping categories and detailed information regarding the default shipping categories that are loaded.
  • Graphic Specifications (ZIP/PDF) - Locations, file types and information regarding the graphical setup of your store, including logos and other images.
  • Sample Reports (ZIP/CSV) - Examples of CSV files exported from our reports. Use these to see what data each report contains, or give them to a client as an example if they are looking for sample reports.

And that's it! You've gone through Company Store Training 101! Please feel free to further explore our training videos by clicking on the links in the navigation bar to the left. They include additional videos for advanced features and other areas of the Company Store Manager. You can also click on the training link in the upper right hand corner of the Company Store Manager to view the training videos relevant to that page. If you have additional questions please visit where you can view our knowledgebase or submit a support ticket.