Company Store Training Videos

Store profile information, design, and graphics. A required step for any new store.

Store Profile and InformationStore Profile and Information
Where to add, edit, and delete store information such as name, url, extra fees, and more.

Running Time: 00:02:00 · Date Added: 11-20-2008
Topics: Store Information, Profile, Landing Page, E-mail Addresses, Fees
Design and StyleDesign and Style
Learn how to apply a style to your store and add graphics, such as logos, to different areas of the layout.

Running Time: 00:01:05 · Date Added: 11-20-2008
Topics: Store Graphics, Upload Images, Design, Style, CSS, Layout
Features: Canadian StoreFeatures: Canadian Store
Understand the Canadian Store Feature.

Running Time: 00:00:44 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Canada, Canadian Store, Checkout, Features, Sales Tax
Features: Featured ProductsFeatures: Featured Products
Understand the Featured Products feature and how to add new featured products.

Running Time: 00:00:24 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Featured Products, Storefront, Features
Features: Guest CheckoutFeatures: Guest Checkout
Learn how to enable guest users to checkout from your store.

Running Time: 00:01:06 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Guest Checkout, Checkout, Guests, Features
Features: Sales TaxFeatures: Sales Tax
Understand how to enable Sales Tax.

Running Time: 00:00:22 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Sales Tax, Checkout, Features
Features: ShippingFeatures: Shipping
Understand how to enable Shipping methods for your store.

Running Time: 00:00:24 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: UPS, USPS, Shipping, Checkout, Features
Features: View All ProductsFeatures: View All Products
Learn about the View All Products feature (show all products on your storefront).

Running Time: 00:00:20 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Storefront, Products, Categories, Features
Features: Allow Direct Linking of Product CategoriesFeatures: Allow Direct Linking of Product Categories
Learn how to directly link into a product category and how to turn on this feature.

Running Time: 00:00:28 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Categories, Products, Features
Features: PublicFeatures: Public
Enable this feature to let anyone view your store (versus a private store). Learn how here.

Running Time: 00:00:46 · Date Added: 03-23-2009
Topics: Storefront, Login, Features
Features: Display Product Color ImageFeatures: Display Product Color Image
This feature allows users to instantly see their color choice instead of having to click View Product Colors.

Running Time: 00:00:51 · Date Added: 10-09-2009
Topics: Features, Products, Colors, Images, Display